ICP Nurseries selected as the Apprentice Employer of the Year 2020

ICP Nurseries selected as the Apprentice Employer of the Year 2020

Press release from ICP Nurseries.

ICP Nurseries are thrilled to announce they have been selected as the Apprentice Employer of the Year 2020 by Eden Training Solutions. ICP Nurseries have been recognised for their commitment to training and career progression and their contribution to creating development programmes, such as ICP’s Leaders of the Future award.

Tracey Storey, CEO of ICP Nurseries expressed how “I have a huge passion for training, development and career progression and want all our staff to have access to excellent study programmes – which we have with Eden Training –  so I am absolutely thrilled for the Company to be recognised for its contribution in this key area.”

ICP Nurseries recently celebrated National Apprenticeship week where they used the time to recognise and applaud apprenticeship success stories across the company. They value greatly the level 2 and level 3 childcare qualifications that Eden Training currently offer to over 50 of their staff.

To find out more information about ICP nurseries or Eden Training please visit : icpnurseries.com or www.eden-ts.com.


An extra year given to schools for Ofsted’s new EIF

An extra year given to schools for Ofsted’s new EIF

Schools have been told they have an extra year to bring their curriculum into line with Ofsted’s new inspection framework, after it announced an extension to its transition period.

The new framework, which places greater emphasis on curriculum content and less on outcomes, came into effect in September 2019. But Ofsted allowed for a 12 month transition period so that schools can be judged on the fact that they are currently in a phase of implementing the curriculum changes, as opposed to being judged on being fully ready. This means that school’s which have plans in place to review their curriculum in line with the new EIF and can demonstrate “genuine action” to do so are not penalised.

Ofsted’s national director of education Sean Harford has now revealed that this ‘grace’ period will be extended for another year, meaning schools will have this protection until July 2021.

Schools can still adopt the revised early years goals (EYG) in the EYFS a year before early years settings – from September 2020.

In his blog post last Thursday, 13th February he wrote: “We know that a great curriculum does not just appear perfectly formed overnight. It takes a great deal of thought, preparation and work to plan it. I’m also aware, through conversations with the Association of School and College Leaders and the National Association of Head Teachers, that some heads and senior leaders are concerned about getting their curriculum to where they want it to be by this coming September. Some schools are further along their curriculum journey than others.

The decision follows a fierce backlash against the new framework, which heads say penalises schools that have difficult intakes.

Source: https://schoolsweek.co.uk/ofsted-extends-curriculum-grace-period-for-a-year/


Summer-born children struggling with basic key skills

Summer-born children struggling with basic key skills

Although not a new notion, early years experts have said that there is now a “wealth of evidence” that a child’s month of birth has an impact on academic grades and sporting achievements.

The latest Department for Education (DfE) data shows that in 2019, 62% of children in England born between May and August had a “good level of development” based on teacher assessment at the end of their first year at school – meaning 38% did not reach this level.

A “good level of development” means they were reaching the level expected of them in their communication and language skills, physical development, personal, social and emotional development, literacy and maths.

In comparison, 81% of their classmates born between September and December had a good level of development – a 19 percentage point gap.

The statistics also show that 61% of summer-born children were achieving the expected level in all the early learning goals, compared with 79% of those born in the autumn (a gap of 18 percentage points).

A Department for Education spokesman said it is “perfectly normal to see younger children performing less well in early years”, adding that evidence shows these children make faster progress, with the gap narrowing as youngsters move up through primary school.

Source: https://home.bt.com/news/uk-news/summer-born-children-more-likely-to-struggle-with-basic-skills-figures-suggest-11364428938553


Gillian Keegan appointed Parliamentary Under Secretary of State at the Department for Education

Gillian Keegan appointed Parliamentary Under Secretary of State at the Department for Education

Following the recent Cabinet reshuffle which saw Gavin Williamson hold on to his position of Education Minister, last Friday (14th February) Gillian Keegan was appointed Parliamentary Under Secretary of State at the Department for Education – with a likely remit of Apprenticeships and Skills.

Gillian has had a lifelong passion for Apprenticeships and Skills, is a former apprentice herself and is the first degree level apprentice in the House of Commons.

Education Secretary will advise his daughters to consider an apprenticeship

Education Secretary Gavin Williamson has revealed that he will urge his children to do an apprenticeship instead of paying £9000-a-year for a university degree, insisting he would not necessarily point daughters Annabel, 15, and Grace, 13, towards higher education.

Speaking during National Apprenticeship week, he said that he believes there are too many stereotypical opinions about vocational training and “outdated views are holding young people back from pursuing their dream career.”

He said; “Every parent wants the best for their children and when they ask you for advice about their futures, it’s incredibly daunting. But I know I will absolutely encourage them to consider an apprenticeship.”

Figures show apprenticeship uptake dropped nearly 5% in the first quarter of the 2019/20 academic year.



Australia Day 2020 Celebrations at Milton Hall Montessori School

Australia Day 2020 Celebrations at Milton Hall Montessori School

Press release from Milton Hall Montessori School.

All the children at Milton Hall Montessori School have learned about the Australian official national day and how it has evolved over time to celebrate Australia and all of its people.

During the day, children participated in plenty of fun activities and joined in Australia Day arts and crafts.  A storybook was read to the children to help them understand about the wonderfully diverse society, amazing landscapes, and how the families and communities have come together.

They discovered Australian native animals, plants and cultures, engaging in lots of activities - including making their own Koala Bear Australia card using card, paint and cotton wool.

The day’s celebrations finished with some food!  The children really enjoyed eating a popular national dish in Australia …Vegemite on bread and toast.

Each of the children were offered a piece of Lamington cake to take home and all thanked Danica and family for sharing such a special celebration with everyone at Milton Hall Montessori School.


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