Good news for Tops Prince Rock!

Good news for Tops Prince Rock!

Press release from Tops Day Nursery, Prince Rock.

Tops Day Nursery, based at Lucas Terrace in Prince Rock, recently underwent their first ever Ofsted Inspection since they joined the Tops family in 2018. The team were delighted to share their GOOD news with families and the local community.

Since becoming part of the Tops Day Nurseries family, Tops Prince Rock have placed a heavy focus on ensuring the nursery’s environment is established enough to provide the children in its care a rich, sustainable learning environment. This was picked up in the report when the inspector commented “Staff use ‘in the moment’ planning which means they adapt activities as and when children’s interests change. Staff plan and prepare a broad range of exciting activities that capture children’s imagination and interests.”

Tops Prince Rock have a highly motivated staff team, who support each other to develop new and exciting ideas for the children. The team pride themselves on knowing each of the children and their families personally, which allows them to not only support the child’s welfare and education but also use their professional knowledge to support the parents too.

After conducting discussions with parents at the nursery, the report notes that the parents reported positive feedback; that they value the manager’s motivation and passion for delivering a high quality service, and they are involved in decision making.

Cheryl Hadland, Managing Director of Tops Day Nurseries commented “Tops Prince Rock is the first of our 7 Plymouth nurseries to be inspected under the Tops Day Nurseries management and I am so proud of the team on their marvellous achievement.

This inspection advocates a great example of the changes Tops have introduced to a previously inadequate nursery, when registered under a different management company.

There is a perception that as a larger nursery group there is less of a focus on the children and families and it is all about making money, this simply is not the case; this is why we refer to ourselves as being a family of day nurseries, rather than a chain.  The children are at the heart of everything we do, we are responsible for educating the next generation and Tops Prince Rock is a prime example of good practice. I’d like to say a huge congratulations to Nicola and the team!”

Tops Day Nurseries are delighted to announce that all nurseries across the South and South west inspected under a Tops Day Nurseries registration are now rated Good or Outstanding by Ofsted!


Boys & Girls Nursery enjoy Chinese New Year workshop

Boys & Girls Nursery enjoy Chinese New Year workshop

Press release from Boys & Girls Nursery.

Pre-Schoolers in our nurseries based in Croxley Green, Rickmansworth, Stanmore and Watford enjoyed a visit from Little Mandarin Classes to celebrate Chinese New Year.

The children were treated to a workshop which saw them practise using chopsticks, learn all about the Chinese zodiac animals, be taught basic Mandarin Chinese through British Sign Language and enjoy listening to traditional songs.

The workshops which linked to the Early Years Foundation Stage ‘Understanding the World’, were not only great fun for everyone involved, but also provided the children with an opportunity to learn about a different festival that they may not celebrate at home.

Natasha Kirby, Director, Boys & Girls Nursery said: “These visits are a great way for our children to explore different cultures and festivals. Thank you to Yvette from Little Mandarin Classes for visiting our children and enabling us to expand their learning and experiences even further.”

These visits are part of a wider set of ‘Mini VIP Events’ that Boys & Girls Nursery organise each month to coincide with seasonal activities and days of interest.


MP Keith Vaz to open new nursery in Glenfield

MP Keith Vaz to open new nursery in Glenfield

Press release from Gingerbread Nurseries and Playgroups.

It has been confirmed that Keith Vaz MP will be opening the new Gingerbread Nook, Main Street, Glenfield at their open day on Saturday 2nd March 2019.

The facility that boasts a ‘curiosity approach’ to learning and is a proud addition to the Gingerbread Nurseries and Playgroups family.

As a local charity Gingerbread Nurseries and Playgroups are dedicated to providing positive education and child led teaching to families throughout the community.

Mrs Singh, Operations Director of the group has said “Our role is, not only, to teach the children to become the best they can be, but also to support the parents of all children in our care. It takes a community to bring up strong successful children. We are proud to be expanding our community ethos into other areas of Leicestershire, to expand the Gingerbread family”.

As an established and long serving Member of Parliament, Mr Vaz, is happy to help and proud to see the charity he has watched over the last 25 years become a valued support team for Leicestershire families.

In the last 8 years Oadby has seen the growth of Gingerbread to an additional site in Launde House. Going from strength to strength offering classes to parents for teething, weaning and even phonics, as well as expanding the children’s own knowledge through numeracy and literacy support classes, language classes and child led learning programmes, as well as the after school services and breakfast club.

With this charity now expanding throughout Leicestershire everyone can all benefit from the amazing outreach work being done by the team at Gingerbread. Over the next 6 months there will be new sites opening up in Glenfield, Rusheymead, Westcotes and Aylestone.

Drop in on their open day to discover all about the group of nurseries on –

Saturday 2nd March 2019 – 10am – 2pm
20 Main Street, Glenfield, LE3 8DG

Altrincham Nursery achieves highly coveted Millie’s Mark accreditation

Altrincham Nursery achieves highly coveted Millie’s Mark accreditation

Press release from Elmscot Woodlands Day Nursery and Nursery School, Altrincham.

Elmscot Woodlands Day Nursery and Nursery School, Altrincham is delighted to announce it has been awarded the highly-acclaimed Millie’s Mark accreditation.

After the 6 months process, Elmscot Woodlands became the 400th setting to gain the Millie’s Mark accreditation for paediatric first aid.

Millie’s Mark endorses childcare settings that go above and beyond the minimum first aid requirements. Having already achieved an “Outstanding” Ofsted rating, this latest achievement is set to solidify Elmscot Woodlands’ commitment to best practice, providing quality childcare and enhancing health and safety efforts.

The accreditation is delivered by the National Day Nurseries Association (NDNA). It’s the highest achievement early years settings can gain in paediatric first aid. It was founded by Dan and Joanne Thompson, whose daughter Millie tragically died after choking on food at a nursery in 2012 when she was just 9 months old. The accreditation has been designed to give practitioners the confidence to save a child’s life in the event of an emergency such as this.

On achieving Millie’s Mark, Danielle Riley, Nursery Manager at Elmscot Woodlands said: “The best part of the process was realising how well our first aid policies and procedures already fitted in with the Millie’s Mark accreditation criteria. This just proves how important it is that we have all members of staff first aid trained within the first three months of starting employment at Elmscot Woodlands – then attend refresher courses every three years.”

All members of staff were involved in the accreditation process. This included carrying out a self-confidence assessment in applying paediatric first aid. During this assessment, each member of the team had to score how confident they were within different areas of first aid. Those who scored below a certain level were provided with additional mentoring sessions to further strengthen their knowledge base.

Danielle said: “Already having high expectations at Elmscot Woodlands it made the process of achieving the accreditation quiet straightforward, but even still highlighted to us areas for challenge and improvement. Furthermore we are so proud to get the formal recognition that shows children’s safety is at the forefront of our daily practice.

“We constantly strive for outstanding provision and outcomes for all the children that attend our setting. Achieving Millie’s Mark proves just how dedicated the team is towards all areas of care that we provide, including first aid and the safety of all children.”

Steph Molnar, Director of Elmscot Group added: “I’m very proud of the Elmscot Woodlands team for achieving Millie’s Mark. I know it’s something the team is very passionate about and they all work closely with health, safety and first aid regulations to ensure children in their care are kept safe. It’s great that the team have been recognised for all their hard work.”

Strict nutrition guidelines for packed lunches causes anger amongst parents

Strict nutrition guidelines for packed lunches causes anger amongst parents

Parents everywhere have been sharing images and comments regarding strict nutrition guidelines nurseries and pre-schools have been giving them.

One mum in Australia shared an image of how her daughter’s childcare facility detailed the nutrition information for parents.

The mother wrote: “This is the guideline for my daughter’s pre-school on what we can and cannot pack.

“Just wondering if anyone can suggest some things that might be suitable that I can look into for school food?

“I always thought I packed a fairly healthy lunchbox, but it seems I may have been wrong.”

She went on to say that she thought the lunches consisting of a sandwich or wrap followed by yoghurt or pretzels was fine.

“Pretzels obviously do have too much salt; even popcorn has too much salt,” she explained.

“And the yoghurt I was using (haven’t checked others) has too much sugar.

“I was shocked that sultanas have almost too much sugar.”

The chart given to the mum is very specific with the amounts of sugar, fat, salt and saturated fat that can be included in the packed lunch.

A lot of parents were angered by the chart.

“It’s not like you’re sending chocolate and only chocolate. It’s just getting ridiculous,” wrote one.

Another parent said: “The only people that should be giving you info like this is a dietitian, doctor, paediatrician that you are SEEING because they are concerned.

“OMG! My kids eat well so I don’t have a need to be defensive but this is just ridiculous.”

Other parents agreed with the guidelines saying that a lot of parents don’t realise the amount of sugar and fat included in the packaged foods.

“That’s actually a good guide that the school has provided, we should be aiming to minimise the food we eat that falls outside of those parameters,” they wrote.

“I think this is great to help educate and encourage people to look at the back of packets.

“My mum would buy things for my daughter to eat thinking they were healthy without realising they were full of sugar or sodium.”

Do you think we need strict guidelines on nutrition for packed lunches? Let us know in your comments!

Story by: The Sun

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