National Storytelling Week at Bromsgrove Nursery

National Storytelling Week at Bromsgrove Nursery

Children at Bromsgrove School’s Nursery celebrated the 19th annual National Storytelling Week by listening to their teachers tell them their favourite stories.

Stories were read to the children in different places around the pre-prep school including the outdoor classroom. They also read books in tents, both indoor and outdoor.

Tony Mitton’s book, ‘Down by the Cool’ was voted ‘favourite book of the week’ by the children!

Nurseries and pre-schools all over the country took part in the National Storytelling Week.

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Story by: Bromsgrove Standard

Kenton pre-school needs to raise thousands to stay open

Kenton pre-school needs to raise thousands to stay open

Kenton village in Devon needs to raise over £7,000 in order for their pre-school to stay open.

Kenton pre-school, which is rated outstanding by Ofsted, has taken care of hundreds of children since opening 54 years ago. Unfortunately, in the past year, the number of children attending the pre-school hit an all-time low, with as little as five children attending it.

This has put a lot of strain on the pre-school’s funding. The pre-school had to send parents an email to make them aware that if they do not receive a funding boost, they will be forced to close down in the next two weeks.

The whole community got involved and they have already managed to raise over £2,000 which will let the pre-school run until April. They are now trying to raise the remainder of the money so that the setting can stay open until the end of August.

By that time the pre-school will be able to receive more funding as some of the children will have turned three.

Some of the parents whose children attend the pre-school, formed a committee group to help save it. They have set up a fundraising page and are planning on organising different events to help raise more money, including a cake sale and coffee morning.

Hannah Dorman, a mum of a one-year-old and one of the fundraisers, said to Devon Live: “It would be devastating for the community if it closed; and for me, as my two-year-old daughter has just started there.

“I tried to put her in a bigger nursery, I had separation issues with her, but at Kenton pre-school she only had three sessions and was running in and not even looking back at me when I said goodbye. Previously she would hold onto my legs and hide behind me.

“The email we received from the pre-school on January 30 was completely out of the blue. It is a small pre-school, which is part of its charm, and it has lost some of its older children as they are now at school.

“It will stay open for now, but we have to do a lot of hard work between now and April.”

The pre-school is a registered charity which cares for children age two and above, and relies on funding and fundraising to keep going.

“Everyone is so passionate about the pre-school” continued Ms Dorman. “It is run by incredible staff. They know each child individually because they can give the children individual attention.“

The pre-school’s manager, Mandy Richard, said she is overwhelmed with the support from everyone.

She told Devon Live: “The problem is children numbers, funding and a lack of fundraising as we’ve had a very skeleton committee until now. We have more two-year-olds than three-year-olds, so that has had a big impact, as parents pay for the younger ones whereas we get funding for three-year-olds. But having younger ones is great as it gives you longevity.

“It’s really sad to think it could close and it’s so needed in this community, but I do think we’ll raise what we need to.

“We have a phenomenal group of parents who are very positive and upbeat, and you can see how much they love the pre-school.

“We are delighted with the huge support the ‘Save Kenton pre-school’ campaign has had from parents and the community. We can’t thank them enough.”

Another mum, Heather McGrouther-Bradley, said: “The little outstanding pre-school is where my daughter went and she loved, and it is where I am hoping to send my son when he turns two in two weeks’ time.

“The fact that this small Devon village has a pre-school and a school to offer, was one of the deciding factors we looked at when choosing our home and new life three years ago.

“The pre-school is run as a charity, so it relies on the generosity of people to survive. If every person in Kenton gave £1, it would be saved.”

If the pre-school does not raise enough money, all the donations will be given to keep the baby group at Kenton Church going.

Story by: Devon Live

Rochdale Nursery rated outstanding

Rochdale Nursery rated outstanding

Georgie Porgie’s Nursery in Kirkholt received an ‘outstanding’ rating from Ofsted. The inspector reported that the nursery is “superbly organised, stimulating and imaginative”.

“True inspiration and admirable enthusiasm”, were the words used to describe the nursery manager, Gill Felton’s approach to leading the team, with staff using “exceptionally effective” teaching practice. It continued to say that staff “have a superb knowledge of how children learn best and plan exceptionally challenging activities that capture children’s interests.”

The ‘outstanding’ report also said that the children had “high levels of self-esteem and emotional security in this extremely welcoming, nurturing environment” and that ‘children thrive and are extremely happy and settle well in this high-quality nursery.’

“Staff provide children with clear and consistent boundaries and play alongside them which helps to teach them how to share and take turns.”

“Staff help children to learn about the similarities and differences between people and communities and the wider world.”

“Regular walks to the library, shops and building site help children to develop an excellent knowledge of the local community.”

In this glowing report, staff were also praised for taking quick action, so no child is left behind in their development. The report said: “Children gain an excellent range of skills, abilities and attitudes that help to prepare them extremely well for future learning and school’.”

The involvement from parents was also noticed, adding they were “fully involved in all aspects of nursery life and are provided with a wealth of information that helps them to support children’s learning at home”.

Deputy Manager, Sarah Arundel, said to Rochdale Online: “We have worked very hard to get where we are. All the parents are thrilled as well – they said they knew we would get ‘outstanding’ before we got the Ofsted grading.

“We have had lots of praise from parents, the early years team and lots of professionals – and lots of congratulations from everybody.”

Story by: Rochdale Online

Whitton Day Nursery named ‘Nursery of the Year, South’ in the National Nursery Recognition Awards

Whitton Day Nursery named ‘Nursery of the Year, South’ in the National Nursery Recognition Awards

Press release from Whitton Day Nursery

Whitton Day Nursery in Whitton, Middlesex, is delighted to have won the prestigious award of ‘Nursery of the Year, South’ in the National Nursery Recognition Awards on 26th January.

Margaret Baran, Nursery Director said; “It was an amazing evening, which was spent at the Athena Venue in Leicester attended by many other wonderful children’s settings from all over the UK who, even if they did not win during the awards ceremony, were all very proud simply to have been shortlisted, as they should be!

“I would like to thank my amazing staff group, who have worked so hard over the years with our children and their families, for winning this award on behalf of our small, family owned, nursery.”


Nursery Entrepreneur named Business Person of the Year 2019

Nursery Entrepreneur named Business Person of the Year 2019

Press release from Bright Kids Nurseries.

A Studley nursery owner is celebrating being the toast of the town after scooping the Business Person of the Year title in a prestigious local award.

Tricia Wellings, Owner of Bright Kids Nursery Group, picked up the accolade at the glitzy Pride of Stratford Awards ceremony, held at the Crowne Plaza on Friday 8th February.

Tricia launched her flagship nursery, Bright Kids Studley, 20 years ago, in January 1999.

Since then, she has expanded the business exponentially and Bright Kids Group now consists of a further two nurseries in Crabbs Cross and Northfield, Birmingham and four out of school clubs. Tricia also launched an Early Years training facility, MBK Training in 2014, and subsequently a training products business, Foundation Focus – all of which operate from the group’s head office in Studley High Street.

Tricia said: “I am absolutely thrilled to be named Business Person of the Year. Bright Kids Group has been operating in the local area for 20 years now and things have expanded and grown over the years into a thriving network of businesses that I am delighted to lead.

“I couldn’t do it without my team and I’m really lucky to have such a fantastic group of people behind me. So, a big thank you to everyone that supports me and to the judges for choosing me as their winner. I live and work in Studley and I’m just thrilled to have been recognised in this important local award.”

Steve Orchard, Chief Executive of Touch FM, and one of the judges said: “I am sure that my fellow judges will agree with me that the standard of entries received exceeded all of our expectations. This year’s finalists represent the true Pride of Stratford. On Friday, we shone a huge spotlight on the businesses and those within our community who make this area a great place to reside and do business in.”

For more information about Bright Kids Nurseries visit, email or call 01527 452430.

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