Beccy Baker

We have had excellent service from Parenta. You have listened to what we needed, and wanted, and have delivered every time. The service has been personal and efficient. I cannot fault anything Parenta has done for us, we really appreciate everything. Thank you.

Debbie Forster

We have been using Parenta for over 10 years now and find the system very good. We have added Dayshare and Footsteps and found them a really useful tool. All the staff at the helpline are amazing and any problems/queries are sorted straight away.

Julia Shutt

Having only been a member of the Parenta “family” for a few months, thus far things have been good. A few teething problems at the start with software, but that seems to be ok now. Melanie is lovely and very supportive, nothing is too much trouble for her. She is on hand whenever needed via email, text, or phone. Onward and upwards….

Linda Innes

We have used the Parenta software for a few years now and love using it. Yes like any system it will not do everything that you want, however, email the team your suggestions and they will put it forward to the tech guys and programmers to see if it possible to add. I love working with the team, making suggestions, learning what the system does. The team really do listen to what you want and are willing to help. Goodness knows how many times I have rung them for advice, and they always happy to assist (even when I’m the problem!) The services that Parenta offer are amazing from, producing an amazing magazine (of which I have only recently discovered) and it is full of valuable information, ideas, awards, news, and involving practitioners to have their say too. My staff find the system easy to use, reducing paperwork and freeing up time to really be involved with the children. Parents say they look forward to their daily emails, as they are clearly set up, easy to read and fun. We also use Parenta for our training and again I cannot fault the high-quality service and support they provide. We have been luckily enough to have the same assessor (Emma) which is important to my team as she really understands the different learning styles everyone has and she seamlessly adapts her training to support individuals.

This is a team that really care from the cleaners to the CEO’s of the company, they work together to provide a professional and well delivered services of which I cannot fault. I love working with them, they embrace change and challenges and really do make the time to build on relationships with their clients. I know it sounds like I am on a commission to say nice things, but this is genuine, I really do not have anything negative to say. Enough grovelling, try the system for yourselves.

Victoria Lewis

Emma, as always, was polite, patient and thorough in explaining each stage of the training. It was a great help, thank you!

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