Lisa Dewar

Tina Butler is a very competent assessor who supports her candidates to the end of their course. Giving them extra help if needed and getting to know them and what is needed from each candidate. A caring professional.

Lilly Mann

You welcomed me in September helped me every step of the way and believed in me; been supportive with work and with personal stuff and you all work really hard and go out of your way to help other people to. Been a slightly’ stressful time recently but everyone has kept it together! And Julie thank you for all the hard work and help you do for us all.

Laura Wragg

I’d like to share my appreciation of my team here in the South. As a newbie they have been nothing but supportive, welcoming and the nicest people to work with.

Jemma Cross

This didn’t take too much thinking time! I joined Parenta in September 2018 and I am one of Carol’s team. This team is the definition of ‘work family’. Even though we work remotely so don’t have a lot of time together, I know I can literally call on anyone in the team if I need help or guidance. Not only this, they make me smile and laugh, and that is very important on the harder days.

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