Abacus features – Better money management for an easier life

Invoicing at the click of a button

Many of our customers say they save five days a month on invoicing, when they move from paper to Abacus. That’s 60 days or three working months a year more for you to spend on the things that matter, like providing great childcare

Flexible fee management, so everyone is clear

Paper-based systems can mean it’s hard to track changes to fees or sessions. This makes it really hard when it comes to invoicing. Abacus lets you take discounts, keep track of payments, credits and late penalties so you and your parents are clear when it come to fees. Accepting vouchers is easy and free entitlement couldn’t be simpler to manage, with our nursery software.

If you use our fee collection service, it works perfectly with Abacus and means the only conversation you have with parents is about their child.

Get personal with paying parents

You can personalise invoices and statements, so the relationship you have with parents feels unique and as friendly as it is in real life. Personal touches like these are really exciting, as they’ll help your setting build its professional reputation and make your service even more memorable.

As well as management of fees and invoicing, our international customers in places like Dubai and UAE like the ability to change currency and their working week. Other customers enjoy the ability to add extra purchases like uniforms and meals.

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