Champagne Nurseries for Lemonade Funding! – Why many nursery owners are saying ‘no more meddling’ to Government.

Press Release:

  • New campaign launched by Nursery Owners Group following Good Morning Britain TV appearance by group member
  • Baby Wellness & Childcare Expert, Angela Spencer speaks out in response to the latest recommendation from Save The Children proposal for qualified teachers in nurseries
  • Angela Spencer, spokesperson for Champagne Nurseries for Lemonade Funding Campaign says positive and effective change is needed instead of more ‘sticking plasters’

Child developmental regression is something that Baby Wellness and Childcare Expert, Angela Spencer has been highlighting for many years.

She says “I have become increasingly frustrated in recent years by how child development is regressing, how parents are not give the encouragement or tools to help their babies progress. We should be pushing the boundaries and giving the children the ability to develop. Instead, more and more news reports are stating how British children are underachieving”.

Last week, a report by Save The Children sated almost 130,000 children in England were falling behind with language before they even reached school and are calling for every nursery to employ a qualified teacher.

Angela was asked to respond to this proposal during a live TV interview with Good Morning Britain. She is vehemently against bringing formal education into nursery settings. “There is an enormous amount of evidence that suggests children should not be in a formal educational setting until the age of 6 or even 7 years old. Until then they should be in a nurturing, play based environment.”

“It is clear that the current Government initiative of the EYFS and Free Early Education funding for 3 and 4 year olds is not working. In their response to her letter to the Prime Minister the Department of Education clearly state that 96% of 3 & 4 year olds are now accessing a place, however the developmental achievements continue to fall” Angela adds.

The EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage) which is a mandatory framework for all early years providers was first introduced by Government in 2008. Since then the Government have spent an undisclosed amount of money undertaking not just one review but 3 in 2011, leading to the 2012 review and again in 2014. However, we continue to see reports of developmental regression.

Childcare is already in crisis with the Free Early Education grossly underfunded, the introduction of pension schemes and now both national minimum wage and national living wage increases without any form of financial support in return. Many settings, and in particular pre-schools face potential closure with the introduction of the new 30hrs Free Childcare policy and most childcare settings would be unable to sustain funding a qualified teacher.

But what does the introduction of a qualified teacher say to the entire childcare profession? It says, you are not qualified enough, you are not good enough and you are not valued enough! The profession is demoralized enough as it is!

What the childcare profession really needs immediately is:

  • A complete overhaul of the EYFS with the ability for innovative nurseries to utilize their own programmes such as forest schools, Babyopathy and Montessori
  • Childcare to become zero-rated for VAT to give an immediate financial support to the profession
  • An open and fair review of the FEE funding scheme that shows complete transparency and adequately covers actual expenses and agreed profit margin – the current review is not achieving this
  • A review of the childcare qualifications to better educate the existing staff and raise their profile as professionals, as they deserve. A new set of qualifications to entice quality staff into the profession and a Professional Status Update qualification for existing staff to provide the knowledge and skills necessary to revert the trend of development regression

These points would address the most crucial issues facing childcare:

  • Address the constant reports that highlight the continuing regression in child development and remove the need for qualified teachers in what should be a play based environment.
  • Remove the immediate financial pressures on the childcare system
  • Boost moral and give professional status to those already in the industry

Angela concludes that these are just some of the issues that need addressing in the childcare sector to turn around the constant negative media and reports, but it is a start. The campaign “Champagne Nurseries for Lemonade Funding’ is championing these points.

The campaign video can be viewed below:

Champagne Nurseries for Lemonade Funding is a growing number of nursery owners and childcare professionals (including childminders) frustrated with the constant interference of Government policies that are now campaigning for better funding, better recognition, higher standards and professional status in the industry.

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