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Q: Why should I choose Parenta Training?
A: Parenta Training is a leading training provider in the Early Years sector. We support thousands of learners completing their childcare qualifications across the country by providing innovative learning resources and assessor support. Our objective is to get you qualified in a way that suits you.

Q: What is the difference between an apprenticeship and a standard qualification?
A: An apprenticeship covers additional work skills beyond the standard childcare qualifications. Skills obtained can be transferred into any professional sector, providing a better scope for career progression. To hear about the full benefits of completing an apprenticeship, please call 0800 002 9242.

Q: How do I book a course?
A: There are two ways to submit your interest in a course with Parenta Training. Either complete the form on an individual course page or call 0800 002 9242 to speak with one of our friendly training advisers.

Q: I work full time. Will I still find time to study?
A: Yes. We offer flexible e-learning solutions that allow you to study around work and social commitments. Access to virtual classrooms and training resources provides the ideal approach for you to gain qualifications at a pace that suits you. Assessor visits are arranged at a convenient time during your working day.

Q: How much work is involved per week?
A: The work involved varies depending on the course. The guided learning hours are set for each course individually, but on average, there are 10 guided learning hours per week.

Q: How often does the assessor visit my setting?
A: On average, an assessor will visit your setting every eight to ten weeks.

Q: How can I contact my assessor if I have a question/problem?
A: All of our assessors are contactable via our head office address, their mobile phone or e-mail address. You will be provided with their contact details during the enrolment process.

Q: Is the assessor local, or will they travel from the head office?
A: We have assessors based all over the country; therefore, your assessor will be as local to you as possible.

Q: Is there a set time to complete the course?
A: The time set for course completion depends on your chosen qualification. It can vary from 8 months to 12 months. Please see your desired course page for further information.

Q: Will my course be funded?
A: We will endeavour to access funding for your course. The amount varies depending on applicable funding streams. A training adviser will talk you through your funding application during the course registration process.

Q: How much will my course cost if I’m not eligible for funding?
A: The course cost depends on the qualification applied for and your local authority. If you wish to enquire how much your course may cost without funding, please call 0800 002 9242.

Q: How do I apply for course funding?
A: One of our training advisers will take you through the course funding process during your course application to find out if you are eligible.

Q: How does an e-learning course differ from traditional paper methods?
A: With e-learning, you have complete flexibility over how you learn. Both options consist of the same level of work; however, you may receive quicker feedback on assignments through e-learning, due to the submissions being received instantly via email.

Q: Will my course be a nationally recognised qualification?
A: Yes. All courses are accredited by either CACHE, EDI or City & Guild, and recognised by Ofsted.

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