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Childcare training is essential in every setting. It’s a great way to develop your career and ensures the children get the most out of their time in your care. The great news is you can learn while you work so, in most instances, you’ll be paid while you do your childcare course!

Our courses range from the very beginning of your career, all the way to management level. Whatever stage you’re at, there is a course designed to help you. Have a look through our courses below, and get in touch to see how we can help! 

Our Courses Include:
  • [sg_popup id=”6″ event=”click”]Childcare Apprenticeships [/sg_popup]
  • [sg_popup id=”13″ event=”click”]Level 2 Children and Young People’s Workforce [/sg_popup]
  • [sg_popup id=”17″ event=”click”]Level 3 Early Years Educator[/sg_popup]
  • [sg_popup id=”19″ event=”click”]Level 2 Diploma Team Leading [/sg_popup]
  • [sg_popup id=”23″ event=”click”]Level 5 Childcare Leadership Qualification [/sg_popup]
  • [sg_popup id=”22″ event=”click”]Childcare Assessor Award [/sg_popup]
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How do I achieve this childcare qualification?

Our Courses are split up into different units, and you are required to achieve a total number of credits in order to receive your qualifications. This total varies for each course. However, there’s a lot of flexibility for you to choose units which really interest you.

How long will the course take me to complete?

As with anything worthwhile, each course requires you to dedicate some of your time to it. This can be between anything between 12 and 18 months, but afterwards, you’ll have the fantastic feeling of receiving a professionally recognised qualification, setting yourself up for a long and rewarding career.

Will I need to attend classes?

Great news – there are no classes to attend! You will be allocated a Parenta assessor who will visit you on a regular basis to observe you at work in your childcare setting and check you’re fulfilling the course requirements. You’ll also be expected to complete online course work outside of work.

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