Dayshare - Daily Diary

Dayshare is an add-on to Abacus which provides an online daily diary for parents, helping you share all of the day’s exciting activities with them.

Having Dayshare in your setting is an exciting talking point for parents, as they can closely monitor how their child is doing from the moment they’re dropped off at your nursery.

Share every magical moment

Dayshare is a powerful tool to have in your setting as it lets parents keep track of how much their child ate, soiled nappies, the length of any naps and what activities they took part in. When a parent comes to collect their child, they’ll already have a good idea of how the day has gone.

Save time by updating multiple records

Whenever a group activity takes place that you want to share, you simply write a short description and Dayshare will update the record of every child in attendance. If you need to exclude some individuals, this can be done too.

Strengthen your partnership with families

Having Dayshare is a great selling point for your setting, as parents will feel close to their child even after they’ve dropped them off. Once completed, the child’s daily diary can be emailed straight to parents’ inboxes and shared with other family members, too.

Help keep children safe at your setting

Dayshare will help keep children safe by marking their daily attendance in an online register. This register will mark pick-up times, drop-off times, which children are absent and which of their carers is picking them up or dropping them off.

Delight parents with photos

Whenever you email parents the daily diary, you can attach photos to illustrate any activities their child has taken part in throughout the day. What could be nicer than receiving an email which shows your child playing, learning or sharing with their peers?

Talk to us to find out more about how Dayshare can support your nursery and strengthen your partnership with parents.

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