Celebrate your exam success…

with a £50 Amazon voucher!

Pass all your functional skills exams before the end of July and you will get this fabulous reward from us!

As a reward for your continued commitment to your childcare apprenticeship, we would LOVE to give you a £50 Amazon voucher!

Amazon voucher

This is what you need to do…but don’t delay - you have until Friday 30th July to complete and pass your all your outstanding functional skills exams.

Step 1

Email the functional skills team at Parenta today and get yourself booked on to the tuition sessions needed for your subject(s).

Step 2

Don’t worry if you’re unsure which sessions you need for each subject, the team will know exactly which you need to attend; and they are ready and waiting for your email.

Step 3

Once you’ve attended the required sessions – and you are exam-ready, then you can take your functional skills exam(s).


Step 4

Pass all your exams before 30th July.

Step 5

Bingo – you have £50 to spend on anything you like at Amazon.com!

Remember, don’t delay – email the team today at fs@parenta.com

We wish you the best of luck with your forthcoming exams and wish you happy spending once you’ve passed them!

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