Fee Collection

Automated fee collection, so that the relationship with parents is only about the children

We understand that mixing childcare with business can be difficult for providers, that’s where fee planner comes in

AdminOne less bit of admin: Sharing your nursery fee collection means one less thing to worry about every month.

ClockFees on time: You can relax, knowing we’ll collect your fees, and make sure they’re on time every time.

Support commentsWe’ll handle fee collection: So when you see parents, you can talk about what’s most important; their children.

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Help controlling your finances

Controlling your cash flow is essential to making your business financially successful. In a setting, your cash flow is dependent on parents paying on time and, with so much else to think about, it can be hard to keep on top of this. With Fee Planner, we’ll collect fees on your behalf, making sure you’re paid on time.

Find out how you can improve your nursery cash flow while maintaining a healthy relationship with parents.

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