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Focus on childcare, not chasing fees

Are you one of the many providers who struggle to recover childcare fees from parents? If so, you’re not alone! On average, Parenta found that childcare providers had to write off a typical yearly debt of £2,991 because they couldn’t recover the money owed for the services they’d provided.

To stop this happening, our automated fee collection service enables parents to pay their fees to you every month via Direct Debit.

How will fee collection help me? 

By using our service, you can completely transform the way your setting works; keeping your administration separate from the everyday care of children. This means you can avoid breaking the relationships you’ve worked hard to build with parents.

As a result, you can focus on providing great childcare without the worry hanging over you of whether parents will pay you on time!

Keep in touch with exisiting parents

Maintain your relationship with parents

As your service provider, we’ll step in and manage any payment disputes or queries with parents. This means the only conversation you ever need to have with parents is about their children, not about how much they owe your nursery.

Bad debt

Reduce stress about pay day

In the past, we know that some nursery managers have gone so far as taking a reduced pay-packet to make sure their staff members can get paid when there are cash flow problems. Having fee collection in place at your setting means parents will pay you on time, every time.


Plan for the future

Knowing exactly the amount you’ll be paid every month will allow you to plan much better for the future, like eventual expansion of your nursery or purchasing new learning resources for the children.

Future planning

Eliminate bad debt from your setting

Many childcare providers completely write off bad debt when a parent leaves their nursery and their efforts to recover the payment fail. With automated fee collection, you can help reduce the frequency of bad debt at your setting before it snowballs and becomes unmanageable.

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