Footsteps 2 EYFS software

£20.00 / pm

The only EYFS software that allows you to blur children’s faces, helping to ensure you are GDPR compliant!

  • Footsteps 2 uses the recognised language and colour coding of EYFS, making it simple to use.
  • Quickly capture detailed notes when observing a child's play or interaction.
  • Instantly identify where each child is in their development path.
  • Impress parents with certificates of achievements!


  • State of the art photo tagging and blurring
  • GDPR compliant
  • Useful photo-editing tools
  • Easily upload observations with photos to Parent Portal to share with parents and carers 9currently available on full version only)
  • Give parents and carers a better insight into their child’s development
  • Maintain accurate tracking with new baseline observations
  • Record CoEL against aspects of each child’s development
  • Follow wellbeing and involvement with Leuven Scales
  • Set permission levels to approve, edit or reject other user's observations

What Our Customers Say...

Provided lots of support and resources and was always available to talk on the phone when needed. Very accessible.

Aeman Hussain
Lady Castle Nursery

Thank you Hannah for your tenacity and persistence which resulted in getting our issue solved. Very much appreciated.

Karen Conroy
University Day Nursery

Outstanding. Jamie was so helpful and calm as well as patient. He followed up with a detailed email that enabled me to correct an error that I had made. Thank you Jamie you are a star.

Pamela Smith
Bluebells Nursery

Chloe has been very helpful throughout the whole process and was able to answer all of my questions in a professional and friendly manner.

Dawn Brown
Dawnies Darlings

Fantastic, great support.

Joanne Tilley
St Mark's Preschool

We have had excellent service from Parenta. You have listened to what we needed, and wanted, and have delivered every time. The service has been personal and efficient. I cannot fault anything Parenta has done for us, we really appreciate everything. Thank you.

Beccy Baker
Glebe House Day Nursery

Rebecca has been excellent in answering all my questions and also calling at times I’m able to talk.

Lauren Warwick
Little Einstein's

We have been using Parenta for over 10 years now and find the system very good. We have added Dayshare and Footsteps and found them a really useful tool. All the staff at the helpline are amazing and any problems/queries are sorted straight away.

Debbie Forster
Daffodil Nursery LTD

Well, what can I say about our Rosie? Was she sat there in her PJs and dressing gown, sounding like she had just woken up? Not at all. She was her usual bubbly self. Always happy to help an old girl who clearly had a mental block on how to use Footsteps reports. Thank you, everyone, on the customer service team for being so fabulous. Stay safe, and stay away from the fridges and snack cupboards whilst at home!

Linda Innes
St John's Nursery Group

The support I have received throughout this process has been amazing. Nothing is too much trouble! Thank you again.

Ash House Day Nursery

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