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A busy early years setting can be a stressful place – some of it is good stress that we can deal with, and at other times, the stress can be overwhelming and can almost take people to breaking point. It's not just work stress that people face, but there are family pressures, financial stresses and health concerns to name but a few. And all these things can add up and have a negative influence on people’s self-esteem, mental health, physical health and their overall well-being.

Prevention is better than cure, so dealing with well-being as a priority is one way to spend money up-front to keep people feeling useful, fulfilled and valued, whilst reducing the costs associated with ill health, benefit-dependency and poor mental health. So how do you get the balance right? And how can you support your staff in the most effective way?

We have created an essential well-being toolkit for you to use in your setting to help you get started.

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