How to address unpaid childcare fees

Why is a parents attitude to paying childcare fees so different to that of a phone bill? It is difficult to chase late fees, mixing business and childcare is tricky so how can you avoid those awkward situations?

Take preventative measures

You can avoid the pain of chasing late fees completely by using software like Fee Collection

Fee collection is a service which collects money from parents’ bank accounts every month on your behalf. This means that rather than you struggling to speak with parents about how much they owe, you can talk to them about what really matters instead – their children.

How can it help me?

Let’s face it – no one likes having awkward conversations about money, least of all childcare providers! By using fee collection, you can transform the way your setting works by keeping your administration completely separate from the everyday care of children.

Our fee collection service has been used to support settings like yours for more than 11 years! We want the best for the next generation and we know that taking the hassle out of arranging payment from parents allows you to concentrate on providing even more great childcare.

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