Improving the business of childcare

Written by CEO of Parenta - Allan Presland. "Improving the business of Childcare collates the experiences that I have observed working with so many childcare businesses and highlights what the most successful are doing that makes them different - that enables them to be successful and profitable."

Are you providing excellent Early Years care but failing to make a profit? 49% of all UK childcare business will not trade profitably this year. Find out how this book can help you...


Empowering childcare owners to achieve financial success

Improving the Business of Childcare was written to help Childcare owners significantly improve their business and to enable them to trade more profitably. 

This book covers the following topics >

Customer Engagement

Collecting Fees

Identifying & Converting Target Customers

Marketing & Occupancy

Measuring Success, Metrics and Dashboards

Pricing and Value-Add Services

Staff Engagament & Staff Management

Systems & Processes

Understanding Finance & Financial Reporting

Vision and Value Statements

Fantastic book with lots of great tips and information. Lots of very easy to implement strategies explained to keep your head above water. Steps to increase occupancy and decrease non essential spends. Really couldn't recommend this book enough to the nursery owner especially independent owners.

The world of early years is totally different to any other type of business. This book will help you to get it right and not fall into holes that many owners have in the past. Easy to read and understand.
Debbie Gunn

Resources to support your business 

Parenta Solutions

We offer a variety of solutions that can help you and your business, from software solutions designed to make the day to day running of your setting easier, to marketing solutions designed to ensure you never struggle to fill spaces at your setting. 

As well as these we provide training and recruitment solutions for you and the staff in your setting. 

Training Courses

We train over 3000 learners each year, helping them to get started, and progress in their childcare careers. From apprenticeship level to management. 


We understand what will get more parents to engage with you. We ensure your website and promotion materials leave a lasting impression.


Our software solutions are designed to make admin simpler, giving you more hours in the day whilst supporting strong relationships with parents.


We have a team of dedicated recruitment specialists who will help you find a suitable apprentice for free, and get them started on their training.

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