Social Media for Childcare

Stay Connected With Parents

Using social media as a tool to promote your childcare business can be a little confusing to begin with, but you’ll soon find out how easy it is to interact with both new and existing parents this way. Social media provides the perfect platform to help you share all the exciting day-to-day activities with your parents, as well as being a great way to increase enquiries you receive too.

How can we help you?

We’ll set up your Facebook or Twitter account for you, so you can promote your nursery in a professional way. We’ll help you get started using your social media account, and also make sure you’re comfortable managing it.

Promote your setting to new parents

Having a social media page will open up your setting to thousands of parents searching online for a provider in their local area. Facebook has over 31 million users in the UK alone. That’s a huge potential audience of parents!

You can use social media to...

Give parents regular updates

Using social media, you can give parents an update on what’s happening at your setting. You could even use it to post reminders of upcoming term dates, display photos of outings into the local community or simple appeal for a pair of helping hands to carry out a job that needs urgent attention.

Advertise your job vacancies

As well as using our free job board, you can use your social media page to advertise your next vacancy. This is particularly relevant for recruiting 16-24 year olds, who use the internet for recreational activities more than any other age group.

Share useful advice and information

If you’d like to promote best practice and give helpful advice to parents, you can use your social media page for this, too. Why not consider publishing links to articles giving parents tips on weaning or potty training, and in turn ask for their suggestions?

Strengthen Your Partnership with Parents

Contact us to find out how using social media can strengthen your partnership with parents and make it easier to share important information about your setting

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