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We have a team of recruitment specialists who are dedicated to helping you find the ideal apprenticeship, giving you the right start to a rewarding career in childcare.

Looking for an apprenticeship

Looking to kick-start your career working with children? Doing a childcare apprenticeship is a great way to bridge the gap into work, and you can earn while you learn!

Benefits of an apprenticeship

  • You don’t need any previous experience
  • There are no classrooms to attend - all lessons are virtual/online
  • You get paid a wage, so you'll earn while you learn
  • You gain first-hand experience of work
  • You’ll train alongside experienced staff
  • You’ll gain skills which make you more employable
  • You’ll gain a nationally recognised childcare qualification

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Please be aware you will be required to do an initial assessment in order to qualify for government funding and achieve the minimum entry requirements for each course.

You will also be required to complete functional skills exams for English and maths unless you have any exemptions or have previously achieved the required levels.

How Does It Work?

Step 1

You send us your CV, and we find you an apprentice role that we think you’d suit.

We contact the employer, send them your CV and arrange an interview date for you.

Step 2

Before your interview, we’ll ask you to attend a ‘mock’ interview over the phone with Parenta. We’ll give you top tips to help you impress an employer.

If your interview with the employer went well, we’ll organise a 2nd interview/trial date. If you don’t get on well in the interview, we start again at step 2.

Step 3

If they offer you the job and you accept, we’ll organise your start date.

Within 7 days of starting work, we’ll send out a training advisor to enrol you on an apprenticeship course.

Step 4

We’ll assign you a personal tutor who visits you every 6-8 weeks whilst at work to see how you’re getting on.

We’ll stay in touch and provide ongoing help to you as needed during the first month of your new job.

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