A GOOD result for Tops Day Nurseries Devonport

A GOOD result for Tops Day Nurseries Devonport

Press release from: Tops Day Nurseries

Staff and Children at Tops Devonport are pleased to be celebrating a GOOD rating from Ofsted following their recent inspection.

According to the Ofsted report, Children feel safe and secure and confidently explore the variety of spaces inside and outside at the nursery. Moreover, children are well behaved and understand the expectations of the setting. They respond well to the staff and remind each other of the rules as they play. Babies form attachments to staff, who support them and follow their personal routines.

The report also noted that the setting has high expectations and staff support children well, including those with special educational needs and/or disabilities, to make good progress in their learning and development. This helps to prepare children with the necessary skills and knowledge for later learning.

The inspector said ‘The newly appointed manager has a strong ambition to deliver high-quality care and education for all children who attend the setting. She uses additional funding to give children access to outdoor learning at forest school sessions. She has made good progress in her short time at the setting and staff feel well supported. Staff are warm and caring towards the children and they treat them with affection. When babies are upset, staff give them cuddles and reassurance’.

Ciara Fagan, Nursery Manager of Tops Devonport said ‘I am extremely proud of the staff here a Tops Devonport, we worked as a team and are over the moon with our results! We would like to thank our families and children for the ongoing support we appreciate you all’

Tops Day Nurseries have over 30 nurseries across the South and South West including Tops Devonport and 6 other nurseries in Plymouth and Torquay. The award winning childcare provider offers early education and care for children aged 3 months to school age, as well as before, after-school and holiday clubs for children up to 11.

To view the full report please click here.

About Tops Day Nurseries:

Tops Day Nurseries are a family of eco-sustainable day nurseries across the South & South West. Tops have an outstanding reputation in delivering top quality early years education, operating nurseries and out-of-school clubs across Dorset, Hampshire, Devon, Somerset and Wiltshire.

We believe in an environmentally sustainable and socially responsible world for all. We aim to achieve this through educating the children of today, so that they can prosper and, in turn, influence the way future generations live.

Every 15 minutes is important because time is valuable. We offer flexible childcare, so parents and carers only pay for the time they need. With extended opening hours, from 6am-8pm including bank holidays*, it means we are here when families need us. We also provide free settling-in sessions and we offer a variety of funding options.

As an environmentally-conscious business, Tops Day Nurseries are always looking for ways to care for the planet in everything they do. All nurseries are rigorously reviewed to ensure the carbon footprint is minimised, as well as having integrated learning sessions for children on the subject of caring for the environment, growing their own food and reducing waste.

To find out more about Tops Day Nurseries, please visit www.topsdaynurseries.co.co.uk

Or email Ellen at ellen.wentworth@topsdaynurseries.co.uk


How is the government encouraging healthy eating through the implementation of taxes?

How is the government encouraging healthy eating through the implementation of taxes?

It is a common misconception that healthy eating is expensive. However, with increasing prices on unhealthy food we are beginning to see government intervention to hold companies accountable for the foods they produce. In this article, we delve deeper into how the implementation of taxes is encouraging the nation to opt for healthier food choices.

The World Health Organisation

Healthy eating has been a problem for much of the world for a number of years, but with the recent implementation of government taxes and a plethora of reports being released on the negative impacts of unhealthy food, there have been many organisations calling for change. The World Health Organisation has been at the forefront of the fight to tackle obesity for a number of years and has helped to implement taxes in Denmark on saturated fats, sugar-sweetened soft drinks and an increase in tax on sweets, ice-cream and chocolate of 25% as voted on by the European Commission.

The Soft Drinks Industry Levy

This was adopted by the UK in the fight against obesity as a Levy was then implemented. This tax involved going rates for companies at 24p per litre of drink with more than 8 grams of sugar per 100 millilitres. In addition to this, there is also an 18p tariff per litre of drink that contains between 5-8 grams of sugar per 100g. This was a controversial move by the UK government as part of their Soft Drinks Industry Levy to encourage the production of healthier drinks on the market.

When asked about the results of the Levy the Public Health Minister at the time Steve Brine MP had this to say:

“The progress made so far on our obesity plan is promising – but with one in three children still leaving primary school overweight or obese, we have not ruled out doing more in the future.”

This is then indicated by the increased focus on the growing obesity problem in the UK and helping to encourage healthy eating in children as well as a healthier lifestyle for adults.

The Royal Society for Public Health

Since the implementation of this Sugar Tax, the Royal Society For Public Health has been calling for better regulations surrounding the placement of fast food establishment on the route home from schools. With recent studies showing an 80% backing from the public to remove fast food advertisements from outside the school gates as well as a ban placed on unhealthy fast food outlets from within a 5-minute walk of school gates in order to tackle the growing issue of childhood obesity. Though these changes are just being talked about at this time, it could be a perfect opportunity for improving your diet on a budget as this will encourage healthier eating for the family on the route home from school.

The RSPH is also working to encourage children and parents to work together for a healthier lifestyle. With recommendations to the Department Of Transport surrounding the cost of zebra crossings as well as recommendations surrounding a school streets scheme to help transform the roads outside of schools to encourage children to walk to and from school. This is all part of the bigger picture to tackle obesity in children as well as adults as part of the Change4life program.

The Sugar Tax

The sugar tax was part of a much larger plan to achieve a reduction of 20% by 2020 under the Sugar Reduction and Wider Reformulation. This plan particularly applies to the confectionery industry for chocolate and other sweets that are high in sugar content. Though this Sugar Tax has been implemented, it is important to note that sugary soft drinks are not covered by the sugar reduction program as they are instead covered by the Soft Drinks Industry Levy.

With this in mind, there is reason to suggest that the British government will continue to implement changes that can contribute to a healthier lifestyle for the UK as a whole. Whether this will be in the form of a government scheme similar to those listed above, or a new law passed in parliament, only time will tell as to how the British Government will tackle this growing problem.


A good story can be taken anywhere!

A good story can be taken anywhere!

Yay summer is here at last and who doesn’t want to take full advantage of those long warm summer days to be outside. Children love all that fresh air but sometimes it’s just too hot to be running around so what better way of helping them to cool...

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