Parent Portal

We’re delighted to announce the new and improved Parent Portal, which is designed to bring parents closer to their child’s day at your nursery.

Using Parent Portal, parents can see a timeline of their child’s progress, as well as other important information relating to their child’s care.  Parents can download the Parent Portal app to their mobile phones from the Google Play or iTunes store, as well as accessing the website version on their tablets, PCs or laptops.

Parent Portal App

What information can parents view in the Parent Portal app?

  • A timeline of their child’s day, with notes and photos from their child’s Key Person
  • The balance of their account, including a breakdown of their invoices (both for payments made and any amounts outstanding)
  • An itemization of each session, including any add-ons
  • Important information relating to their child such as allergies, illnesses and medication
  • Any past, current or future sessions which have been booked in
  • Contact details such as the names and telephone numbers of the child’s main carer(s)

How do parents access Parent Portal?

Parents can download the app on Android or IOS devices – they just need to type ‘Parenta’ into the Google Play or iTunes store to find it. However, they won’t be able to access Parent Portal until they’re given their unique login details which will be issued by your nursery.

Once parents start using the app, they will be able to see information relating to their specific child’s (or children’s) Learning Journey. 

Can parents change any of the information they see in the app?

No, the information contained within the app is presented on a read-only basis, meaning it can’t be changed by parents. However, if any of the information is incorrect, parents can flag this by sending an email directly to your nursery in the ‘Contact’ section.

The Parent Portal app is a great way to enable parents to see a timeline of their child’s daily learning activities on the go. Parents can log into the Portal at any time of day, from the convenience of their home or work, and even when your setting is closed.

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