Parenta Learner Mentor

One of the most rewarding things about being a mentor is that you can share with the learner valuable information about your own experiences and career path so far, as well as being a role model, providing guidance, motivation and emotional support. Terms & Conditions apply.

As a learning mentor:


  • You will help learners overcome any behavioural, social or emotional hurdles they may have which are affecting their learning.
  • Your direction and encouragement will be instrumental in helping them succeed in their apprenticeship.
  • You can agree and write action plans, laying out learning strategies, setting goals, and identifying resources for their course.
  • You can support the learner inside and outside of the workplace, assisting with the transition if it’s their first job.

We will give you FREE access to our mentoring CPD online learning course – this will look great on your CV!

Being a Learner Mentor will benefit you, not just the learner! It will:

  • Improve your communication and personal skills. 
  • Develop your leadership and management qualities.
  • Reinforce your study skills and knowledge of early years. 
  • Increase your confidence and motivation. 
  • Enhance your CV – many employers look favourably on candidates who have volunteered within their place of work!

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