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How does it work?

Let us know about your vacancy for a childcare apprentice and what type of person you’re looking for.

  • We’ll advertise the role for you for free
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Once you’ve found your ideal apprentice, we’ll help them transition into their new role and sign them up for their childcare apprenticeship.

What are the benefits of employing an apprentice?

If they’re 16-18, you won’t pay a penny for their training

You can watch them grow and progress

You can mould them into your own style

You could be eligible for a grant to help cover your costs


New funding rules 

From 1st May 2017, the ESFA funding rules state that employers must provide at least 20% “off-the-job” training to their apprentices. The core focus of this training is to teach the apprentice new skills, rather than assessing existing ones.

Employers must ensure that this training equates to 20% of the apprentice’s contracted working hours. There’s no stipulation on how this time must be split, so employers can decide what works best for their business.

10% contribution for non-levy paying employers

If your total pay bill is less than £3m per annum, you’re classed as a non-levy paying employer and therefore you’ll be expected to make a 10% contribution towards the cost of your apprentice’s training (with the exception for learners aged 16 – 18 if you employ fewer than 50 staff).

The government will pay the remaining 90% up to a maximum amount of funding allowed for the apprenticeship. You’ll be expected to meet, in full, any cost which is above the funding band maximum.

Confused? To find out more about the 20% training rule or 10% contribution, contact our team on or call 0800 002 9242 and press option number 3.

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