Feeling safe at work

Each and every apprentice should feel safe and happy in their working environment. You should never feel as if you have been put in a dangerous situation or be asked to do something potentially risky, without proper training. When anyone starts a new job there will always be things they don’t know about the workplace but these will become clear, over time. If you are unsure of something, you must ask.

There are many laws in place to ensure employers operate a safe workplace and keep their staff informed of any hazards involved in the job. It is their responsibility to ensure you feel safe at work.


Any allegation or disclosure involving a child, young person or adult at risk should be reported immediately. Click here to report a safeguarding issue or incident, or email safeguarding@parenta.com

If you don’t feel safe at work, or if you feel as if you have been put in a potentially risky situation that you do not feel comfortable with, you can let us know straight away here.  Or, if you want to report an issue or incident that you feel has put someone else at risk, you can do so here.

Any information regarding a safeguarding issue or incident is given in the strictest of confidence.

Parenta is committed to the following principles in all aspects of its safeguarding work:

  • Empowerment – Putting people first and helping those who lack mental capacity feel involved and informed
  • Prevention – Responding quickly to suspected cases of abuse
  • Proportionality – Making sure what we do is appropriate to the situation and for the individual
  • Partnership – Sharing the right information in the right way
  • Accountability – Making sure all parties have a clear role

Resources to support you

Mental Wellbeing and Vulnerability Support


Mental Health is an issue which affects so many people but not everyone lets it show if they are struggling mentally or emotionally; or are in a situation where they feel vulnerable.

If you feel that you would benefit from some confidential, professional help, there are many websites and even apps that are available to you.

Local Threats.

Parenta delivers training nationally and at the learner’s and apprentice’s places of work. Parenta head office is located in Maidstone town centre. It has easy walking access to the shopping centre and is on the main bus route and is within walking distance of the three Maidstone train stations. Very few learners or apprentices will need to attend head office as their training is delivered at their place of work. Here is a list of the main local threats per geographical area.


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