Parenta is pleased to announce a new partnership with early years expert and author, Stacey Kelly

We are delighted to partner with early years expert and author Stacey Kelly and be able to bring her inspiring books to you. These unique, self-illustrated storybooks give thousands of early years professionals invaluable resources that nurture happiness and emotional well-being in children.

With every book that you buy, 10% of its cost will be donated to Parenta Trust – our charity that aims to support disadvantaged children across the world by providing them with the opportunity to receive a quality pre-school education, in a safe and loving environment.

From French teacher to author and illustrator - Stacey's story

While teaching French and Spanish in a secondary school, Stacey quickly realised that she wanted to work with younger children and started a job coordinating and teaching languages throughout a Preparatory School in Leeds, where she met her husband.

When her daughter was 4 months old, Stacey started creating rhyming storybooks with painted characters while her baby girl slept in a sling on her!

"As a mum, my priority in life has always been my children's happiness and well-being. Knowing how powerful stories are, I decided to start creating books to help prepare my children for different moments in their life and to teach them values that will help them to step into their brilliance and to most importantly, be happy in their own skin."

Stacey's young daughter and son have even made their own books about teaching children to accept difference, being brave, and trying new things.

Every single book - and there are 35 of them in total - has been written and illustrated by her (and her children) and she has even created her own font so when she types, it is her handwriting that is used!

"This path which I’m truly grateful for has led me to partnering with the wonderful team at Parenta and Parenta Trust - their amazing charity - meaning I'll also be able to contribute to helping children from deprived areas across the world too."

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