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Follow the learning journey with Footsteps!

In a busy setting, it can be a real struggle to focus on providing great childcare whilst making time to record meaningful, detailed EYFS observations. That’s where Footsteps comes in.

Footsteps is software which will make it quicker for you to;

  • identify where each child is in their own development pathway
  • link your observations directly to an online version of the EYFS curriculum

Footsteps is flexible and can be used on a variety of devices including desktop, tablet and mobile devices, making it simple for you to update information whilst on-the-go.

Find out how implementing an EYFS system can change your setting, find out more today!

Here are just 4 ways in which Footsteps EYFS Software can transform the way you manage everyday tasks:


Put together detailed observations in minutes


Collecting evidence to show where each child is in their learning journey is so easy with Footsteps – you can capture photos to illustrate your observations and link these back to the EYFS curriculum as you go.

Show Ofsted how children are progressing


From the observations you upload, Footsteps will automatically calculate where a child is in line with the EYFS curriculum.  When Ofsted visit, Footsteps can show how one child or a specific group of children have progressed.

Plan next steps to help children thrive


Footsteps will show you what next steps are planned in either a daily or weekly timeframe, so you know what’s coming up.  You can view the next development steps in specific areas, like Maths, enabling you to plan suitable activities.

Have the EYFS curriculum at your fingertips


Footsteps makes the process of following EYFS so easy for everyone on your team, as the whole curriculum is stored within the software!  This can be really helpful, especially for junior staff who may be struggling to familiarise themselves.

With so many time-saving benefits of using Footsteps, you can finally wave goodbye the post-its you used to record your observations on and get back to spending more quality time with the children!

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