November webinar and Q&A session: Addressing Childhood Poverty - with June O’Sullivan MBE


Poverty is a scourge and permeates every area of a child's life, including the economic, social and relational, causing isolation and exclusion from society. It also costs families and children hard – inflicting great misery on many children who are locked into a cycle from which most will have great difficulty escaping.

And it’s getting worse. According to a new evidence review by The Nuffield Foundation, Changing patterns of poverty in early childhood, there has been a sustained increase in child poverty since 2013/14, with families with children under five experiencing the steepest rise. More than one in three (36%) children in families with at least one child under five are living in poverty, amounting to 2.2 million children. For children in families with three or more children, this figure rises to more than half (52%).

One way to lift families out of poverty is to help them work. To work, they need access to affordable childcare. Yet poor children continue to be saddled with low quality nursery childcare and education. What’s more, evidence on the impact of child poverty in the first few years of life continues to be documented which can affect their cognitive skills and physical, social and emotional development throughout childhood and into adulthood. Tackling early childhood poverty should be an essential part of any government strategy to narrow gaps in young children’s learning, health and wider development, yet policy and practice between these areas is shockingly fragmented.

Join June O’Sullivan MBE, CEO of the London Early Years Foundation - one of the UK’s largest and most successful charitable social enterprises - who’ll be explaining what must be done to tackle this national crisis and why radical reforms to our childcare system are so urgently needed so that all children, regardless of their backgrounds, can get the best start in life.

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