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Apprenticeship Standards are here!

Did you know…?

The way everyone does apprenticeships is changing from ‘Framework’ to ‘Standards’… and now, all employers must be registered on what’s called the Government Gateway to be able to get funds to pay for your training course.

Why are Standards replacing Framework?

  • Standards are replacing Framework across all apprenticeships - a requirement from both ESFA and Ofsted - and affects all training providers.
  • The main purpose is to place greater importance on the teaching and learning time between you, the apprentice, and your tutor - and to involve your employer much more too.

What are the key differences between Standards and Framework?


  • Your employer will be more involved with your learning plan.
  • The main focus of your apprenticeship will be based around your skills, knowledge and behaviour as an apprentice – all of which you will gain throughout your apprenticeship.
  • Your learning plan is set out to prepare you for what’s called your End Point Assessment (EPA) which includes a knowledge test and a professional discussion.
  • Your course duration will increase to potentially 18 months which includes a 3 month allocation for this EPA.

Don't worry if this all sounds a bit daunting – your tutor is there to help you every step of the way with your learning journey.

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