‘Left children’ are showing on my invoice run:

If a left child is showing up on your invoice run, this will be because they have some sessions or products booked in which have not been invoiced for, or a credit note was raised for the original invoice – which means it must be re-invoiced.

If you click on the plus (+) sign which appears next to their invoice and then on the magnifying glass, you should be able to look at the breakdown of what is being picked up (you will have + signs next to sessions).

You can then make a decision as to whether you still need to invoice for these or not. If you do not want to charge for these then you can either remove the sessions/products completely or you can add a flat rate charge of £0 and run the old invoices without a cost.

Here is a help file on adding a flat rate charge:

  • Left Child on Invoice Run
  • Quick Pay and Account Balance Different
  • Emailing Invoices

A child is not showing on the invoice run:

If a child is not showing on your invoice run there are normally two things that have caused this:

  • The child already has an invoice processed for that period.
    You can check this by going into Children > Accounts > History > Check to see if there is an invoice for that period already showing
  • If the child is a fee planner child, the only way that they will show is by going into Finance > Invoice > Fee planner.

Invoice Value not Correct:

If you notice that the invoice value is not correct before processing it, you can investigate by following these steps:

**Enter in search information to bring the invoice up on your screen** > click on the plus sign (+) next to the child’s name > Click on the magnifying glass on the right-hand side. This will now take you into the invoice itself so you can look into.  You can click on the plus signs (+) on the left which will allow you to see a breakdown.  This will allow you to see the calculations that are being applied and will enable you to see what changes need to be made.

I want to change the child’s account balance:

**Please note, account corrections should not be used often and in most cases, the account history should be looked into first to enable you to see why the account balance is wrong. Please also be aware that any account corrections do show on financial reports.  If needed, you can run a product report to see how many account corrections you have used**

If you need to make changes to a child’s account balance manually, you can add a product to ‘force’ the account balance to be what you would like to show. To do this, follow these steps:

Children > Accounts > Extras > Click on the green plus (+) sign > Account Correction > Enter Amount:

If the child’s balance is owing money and you wish to bring their balance down, you will need to enter a minus product. If the child’s balance is a minus and you’d like to bring the account balance up you will need to enter a positive product > Enter quantity as 1 > Save.

You need to process the product instantly for the account balance to change. To do this, just tick the box on the left-hand side of the product > Click on the piece of paper with a green arrow to process the product > Close. The account balance should now be changed.

I can’t take a child’s discount off:

You can take a child’s discount off by following these steps:

Children > Accounts > Discounts > Apply Discount to ‘None’ > Save.

*Note, you do not need to untick any boxes or take the discount amount out*. Once you have saved to None, you can check at the top right to ensure that both discounts show as £0.00.  There will no longer be any discounts on that child’s account for any new invoices processed.

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