How does an e-learning course differ from traditional paper methods?

With e-learning, you have complete flexibility over how you learn. Both options consist of the same level of work, however, you may receive quicker feedback on assignments through e-learning due to the submissions being received instantly via email. E-learning also fits flexibly around work and social commitments, as the e-learning platform can be accessed quickly and easily from the comfort of your home.

Why should I choose Parenta for training?

Parenta is a leading training provider in the Early Years sector. We support thousands of learners completing their childcare qualifications across the country every year, by providing innovative learning resources and assessor support. Our objective is to get you qualified in a way that suits you.

I work full time. Will I still find time to study?

Yes. We offer flexible e-learning solutions that allow you to fit study around work and social commitments. You’ll also have access to online training resources and full support from your assessor, providing an ideal approach for you to gain your qualification.

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