How does Dayshare work?

Dayshare helps you share all the day’s exciting activities with parents in the form of an online diary. You can personalise records for multiple children or an individual child by adding your comments and observations, then send it to straight to parents’ inboxes.

What information is shared with parents?

Dayshare captures every aspect of a child’s day including: how much they’ve eaten, wet and soiled nappies, number of naps and what activities they’ve been doing. You can also send parents gentle reminders about upcoming events, changes to routines and even a request to settle an outstanding invoice.

How do parents receive their Dayshare record?

You can send a Dayshare report as an email at any point during the day. If you then add more information, you can simply send it again later. Once the email lands in parents’ inboxes, they can then forward this to family and friends anywhere in the world.

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