How much will the software cost?

The cost of the software varies depending on the size of your setting and any applicable discount, which is agreed on a case by case basis by our business development consultants. There is an initial set-up fee and a monthly subscription cost.

Can I trust Abacus to keep personal data safe?

Yes. Having Abacus in place is much more secure than a paper based system! With all your records stored safely online, your children’s personal details cannot be lost, misplaced or damaged. You can even lock down parts of the system so that only certain members of staff have access to it.

What training arrangements are there for my staff and I?

Abacus is a really easy to use, so it shouldn’t take very long for you to find your way around it. However, we’ll give you and you staff members as much or as little support as you need in order to feel comfortable using it. Our team are available from 8am-8pm during the week, and we also hold regular in-house training days which are free to all our Abacus customers.

What support will I get if I have a question/problem?

As soon as you join the Parenta family, you’ll be allocated your own Account Manager who will get to know you and your setting personally. They’ll be your first point of contact should you have any questions regarding Abacus, and you can email or telephone them directly. Alternatively, you can submit a ticket via our support helpdesk. We aim to resolve all queries within 1 working hour of being notified.

Are there any useful add-ons to Abacus?

Yes – we have several options which include: Dayshare, an online daily diary for parents; Footsteps, our EYFS tracker system; Parent Portal, for parents to check their child’s records; and automated fee collection to make sure you never miss a pay day.

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