There may be a few different reasons as to why you are unable to schedule in your free entitlement.

No funding group selected:
If you go into Children > Sessions > Schedule and Free Entitlement is not showing as an option, this is because the free entitlement group has not yet been selected. To select the group, go into Children > Accounts > Discounts.  You can then select the free entitlement group on the right. Then Save.

The free entitlement term hasn’t been added: If the term has not yet been added, you will not be able to schedule any free entitlement.

To check the free entitlement term go into Settings > Free Entitlement > Click on the A symbol next to the free entitlement group

You will then have a drop-down list at the top in the middle.  Click on this and you will be able to check which terms have been added. If the term in which you are trying to book funding is not there, you can add it by following these steps:

Add Term > Enter Details in on the right-hand side > Save.

Eligible at 2 years: If the child is eligible for 2-year-old funding, ensure you tick the ‘eligible at 2 years’ as follows:

Children > Accounts > Free Entitlement; Eligible at 2 years

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