If a left child is showing up on your invoice run, this will be because they have some sessions or products booked in which have not been invoiced for, or a credit note was raised for the original invoice – which means it must be re-invoiced.

If you click on the plus (+) sign which appears next to their invoice and then on the magnifying glass, you should be able to look at the breakdown of what is being picked up (you will have + signs next to sessions).

You can then make a decision as to whether you still need to invoice for these or not. If you do not want to charge for these then you can either remove the sessions/products completely or you can add a flat rate charge of £0 and run the old invoices without a cost.

Here is a help file on adding a flat rate charge:

  • Left Child on Invoice Run
  • Quick Pay and Account Balance Different
  • Emailing Invoices

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