If the child’s balance is incorrect, firstly, check the account history to see if you can spot an anomaly:

Children > Accounts > History > Always ensure that the account history is in date order with the oldest at the top and newest at the bottom (you can do this by clicking on the word ‘date’ directly under History). This will now allow you to read through the history a lot easier.

When an invoice or payment has been made or deleted you can check the running balance on the far right each time a transaction has been made, allowing you to see the process on how it has got to the current balance. You can also check to ensure all live invoice and payments are the correct amount. Please note any invoices that are coloured brown do not need to be looked at as these are credit notes and are not calculated in the child’s balance.

If you notice that there has been a payment added incorrectly you can delete the payment by:

Reverse payment 

If you notice that there is an invoice that is incorrect and need to cancel the invoice you can raise a credit note by:

How to raise a credit note

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