Updates to FS2 and the new EYFS framework

Last month, we concluded our customer and industry research into the forthcoming EYFS changes - and how these will affect Footsteps 2. We would like to thank everybody who answered our survey, sent through information, and attended our Q&A workshop.

As a result of our research – together with your feedback - we have decided to incorporate the new Development Matters framework into Footsteps 2.

  • From September 2021, all new observations will be linked to the new framework. You will still be able to view all the existing observations in the system. To ensure you can continue accurately tracking the learning and development of your children, it will be necessary to re-do a Baseline Observation for each child to create a starting point on the new curriculum.
  • It is our aim to give everybody access to the updated system prior to September 2021 to ensure you have time to familiarise yourselves with the changes and add the new Baselines before the next academic year begins.
  • We have updated the Assessments section of the system to incorporate the changes in the new Development Matters framework. This has simplified the assessments and hopefully made them quicker to complete. You will still be able to view all the existing assessments in the system.
  • The final area of the system where you will notice changes will be in the Reports section. We will deliver the most heavily used reports in our first release. The less commonly used reports will follow in future releases.

If you would like to know more, please email us at feedback@parenta.com

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