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Website FAQ

On average, it takes 6 weeks to build a website from a draft to the time it goes live. However, if you’d like to have your website up and running in a quicker timeframe than this, it is possible and we’re happy to discuss this in further detail with you.

We offer two different products – a custom website or a bespoke website. A custom website takes an existing design and is then customised to your style within the limits of that template. If you’re looking to start from a blank canvas and have more scope, then a bespoke website would be more suited to your needs.

We ask that you send your current logo, prospectus (if you have one) and the names of pages you’d like to appear on the website. We also ask that you provide us with your own written content for each of these pages.

Although we involve you and ask for your input throughout the entire build process, we put together 3 draft versions of your website for you to look and sign off before it goes live.

After your website has gone live, we’ll send you a guide showing you how to make changes to it directly. However, our design team is also happy to talk through anything you may wish to add/ remove from your website over the telephone.

No, we have a large selection of stock imagery and can provide this to you if needed.

Yes, you can view the mobile version of your site on any smartphone.

Yes, we can link your setting’s social media page to your website and create a running newsfeed. If you don’t currently use social media, we can set up a Facebook/Twitter account for you, then it link across.

If your domain is with Parenta, we’ll be able to set up as many email accounts as you would like. Please note that each email account will be charged at a small cost per year.

Yes, if you currently have a website and as long as you own your domain, you can continue to use it.

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