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So excited about this website, thanks a million – Over the moon !!!!

Kelly, Sansway House

I used Parenta to get my Level 3. My tutor was Melanie Payne and she was great! She came and met me close to my home so it wasn’t far for me to travel; when my laptop broke we did discussions and she allowed me to do my work on her laptop. She really helped me – if I didn’t understand a question, she’d explain it in a different way for me to understand better. She was really helpful, I’m so pleased she was my tutor.

Olivia Linton

My experience with Parenta has been one of the highlights of the year. Knowing the people who are providing the course I’m doing is encouraging. attentive, helpful and focused on being able to help me through the course. My assessor has been fantastic, encouraging, attentive to the needs I have, with studying to tutoring with the disabilities I have. My assessor is able to cater the work I do to help me and show me how to complete my course. I have successfully completed level 2 in early years child development and currently doing level 3 early years child development. I am so grateful for all that Parenta and my assessor have done for me.

Sarah Bryant, Kikiland Limited

I feel that Pippa has been amazing. She has helped me through my work. If I’ve needed help she has helped me. Been there when I have needed her.

Jessica Walker, Prospect House Day Nursery

Just like to say a big THANK YOU to you guys for allowing me to successfully complete my Level 3 childcare course. To many, it’s only a certificate but I feel as if I’ve been awarded a Bachelor’s or PHD!

Special thanks to my first assessor Keeley McCausland – I must say she was REALLLLY great and always motivated me to try. Despite her leaving before I completed my course, I must say that Tina Butler is really good and I’m happy she stood in the gap…Thanks to everyone from Parenta now I’m a step closer to become a paediatric nurse.

Jodyann Gordon

Good news, Grace has been offered the apprenticeship at Early Years Academy. I understand the nursery have contacted you at Parenta and have already got the process started for Grace to begin her training with you.

I want to take this opportunity to thank you Rebecca for all your help and support.

Email sent to our Recruitment Liaison Officer, from Lisa Kennedy (parent of Grace)

Lisa Kennedy
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